To begin with the deep space, let us start our discussion with a question. What happens when we ride with the speed of light in our solar system? perhaps you’d be pushed by the light until it stops to a certain point that the light will not exist and it reaches to its limit.

Then you will likely see that the light becomes solid and all the planets in our solar system will no longer exist. Now, the next that you will see in the vast space is another sun that shines to our solar system and it will become one whole planet revolving in much bigger sun. And this is the same thing that will happen if we are behind the light speed, and again the sun will no longer exist and the center of the planet will become visible, in which a smaller sun can be thought  of as where smaller sized planets are revolving around it. Now i can say that there is difference in c per dimension. Assuming that there is a line of the speed c and is revolving with the respective radius. A radius that completes one turn of light speed and a different dimension of c follows. And so we will see that no lines will accede nor exit. I believe that this is the formation of deep space; the lines that you will see will bind from within leading outside, from the inside through the outside you will only see the separation of dimension in c. and i call this as null set or blackhole.  where the value of c is equal 2.99795468 times ten to the power of 8 meter per second.

3 thoughts on “DEEP SPACE

  1. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I watch the Science channel so much. I may not understand everything they talk about, definitely not the physics, but I am intrigued by space and time and different Universes and dimensions! 😀

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