In an attempt to discover the knowledge beyond understanding of the ordinary, there are certain question which tickle our minds like; what lies beneath the deep space? What energy powers the sun? Why does the earth keep on revolving around the sun? And what causes mass and gravity? These are queries that are left unanswered until today. Well known and renowned scientists and physicists do not even have the concrete and definite answer to these questions.

At this point, we will seek the origin of the existence of our universe and discuss the concepts that underlies beneath the earth and the vast space. I have had this idea over a long period of time but what hinders me from getting started on this project is the scarcity of financial resources. I couldn’t possibly do this by myself considering that i do not have adequate space for the experiment and besides this study does only concern me but the whole of humanity. I suppose that if this concept be given attention this might be the future of the human race. But should I be wrong with my thoughts I  still urge you not to ignore but at least give a little time to understand and see the ideas that dominates my mind over the years.  The space is indeed very huge and quiet confusing to fathom. However, we ought to give it a try to discover the immensity of space and thereby finding the solution to maintain the balance of human existence.

ENERGY is probably one of the reason why present generation is enjoying an easy and fast lifestyle however the supply of oil products is starting to decline and the environment is now affected by the modern breakthrough which has somehow brought alteration to our environmental system. With this, how do we intend to preserve the lives of people and persevere the existence of human race if we couldn’t find solutions to the problem brought by continuous discoveries relating to the usage and employment of energy? What we need is to work hand in hand to find the alternative solution brought by this problem but how can we source energy without the use of oil products? Probably, this question has also captured the minds of the expert’s and has brought them to bewilderment until this present time, although, a few people has attempted to introduce their solution but has not succeeded to convince the major experts.

So I ask you to please extend your mind as wide as possible and make more observation because the answer to the above-mentioned question only lies in the deep space. And hope that we will come to a conclusion that my study has bigger possibility of bringing the answer to the question. Then you’ll see that it is possible to occur because it has happened to our Solar System. If we will only know what are the forces behind the energy then we can therefore make our energy. An ENERGY with an endless supply, a natural energy that does not pollute earth and can thereby preserve human race.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’m not sure anything will “preserve” the human race as its population heads towards eight billion. As overpopulation continues, forcing people to live in closer proximity to each other, there’s going to come a time when the fight over country borders, religion, food, and water is going to kill us.

    1. love leads us to unity, unity leads us to control food, food leads us to control people then people love god. aim – the fellowship of all religion must have an equal power to the politicians

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